The Oregon East Symphony Legacy Society is a circle of dedicated patrons who have made a contribution to the Dr. George and Sue Nelson Memorial Endowment Fund. The Nelson Memorial Endowment Fund is an investment fund created by the OES Board of Directors with the purpose of supporting the general operations of the Oregon East Symphony. If you would like to receive more information on the Legacy Society, its benefits, and how to join, please contact OES Executive Director J.D. Kindle.

Alan Ager & Vicki Erickson*

Bruce & Dianne Barnes*

Mary Brown*

Sylvia Clawson*

Shari Dallas*

Carolyn Frasier*

Margaret & Bruce Gianotti*

Michele & Bill Grable*

Creagh Hawes*

Gordon & Alice Hepburn*

Mona Hern*

Marjorie Iburg*

Harriet Isom*

Roberta Jones*

David Lindberg*

Bill Mayclin*

Shirlee McGreer*

Janet & Robert Miller*

Jami Moore & Nicole Polivka*

Steve & Cathy Muller*

Dr. George & Sue Nelson*

Dr. Norm & Michelle Sitz*

Margaret Troedson*

Wanda Wyrick*


*Legacy Society Charter Member

2022-2023 SEASON SUPPORTERS (as of 3/7/2023)

Conductor’s Circle - $3,000+

Bruce & Dianne Barnes

Braemer Charitable Trust

Sylvia Clawson

Shari Dallas

Donor Trust (Campagna PDE Charitable Trust)

Carolyn Frasier

Oregon Arts Commission

PGE Foundation

Pacific Power Foundation

Pendleton Foundation Trust

Earle & Margaret Rother

St. Anthony Hospital

Mike & Nancy Smith

State of Oregon (ARPA) Business Oregon

Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

Yancy P. Winans Testamentary Trust


Concert Master’s Circle - $1,500+

Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Ramona Hern

Harriet Isom

Maureen McCormmach

David & Loree McKenna

James F. & Marion  L. Miller Foundation

Pacific Power Foundation

Richard & Marilyn Smiley

William Taylor

Umatilla County Cultural Coalition

Wheatland Insurance


Principal’s Circle - $500+

ACMP Foundation

Banner Bank

Steve & Sara Bass

Lorie Baxter

Dr. Andrew & Susan Bower

Marcia Brown

Coldwell Banker/Farley Company

Michael & Shannon Collins

Paul & Mary Lemm Davis

Murray Dunlap

Carolyn Frasier

Harry & Susie Geller

Dr. Randall & Dr. Constance Green

Mildred Grilley

Robert & Marie Hall

Russell & Elizabeth Harrison

Daniel & Sarah Haug

Robert & Jill Heffner

Karen Hill

Barbara Irving

Roberta Jones (In memory of Betty Brunette)

Bob & Penny Lieuallen

Dave Lindberg

Cheryl Marier

Dan Marier, MD & Constance Umphred, Phd

Robert & Janet Miller

Dale & Shirley Moll

Pacific Corp/Pacific Power

Jami Moore & Nicole Polivka

Pendleton Kiwanis Club

Pendleton on Wheels

Scott Purswell

Mary Alice Ridgway

Jim & Julianne Sawyer

Chris & Noelle Schulze

Kathlyn Spratling

Shannon VanKirk

Tom & Patricia Winn

George Winter



Player’s Circle - $300+

Edward & Gail Alley

Kimberly Benson

Gary & Tammy Burnett

Jim Critchley

Shari Dallas (In memory of Creagh Hawes & Betty Brunette)

Aaron Engum

Bruce & Margaret Gianotti

Russell B. Harrison MD

Matt Henry & Maureen Handley (in honor of Amy Pearson)

Gordon & Alice Hepburn

Jane MacLeod (in honor of Cathy Muller)

Steve & Cathy Muller

David & Alice Nelson

Scott & Barbara Palmer

Michael & Donalee Peters

Andrew Picken & Kathryn Brown

Karen Schimmel (in memory of Martha Warberg)

Dr. Norman & Michelle Sitz

Bob & Connie Talboy


Don & Karen Allen

Joe Bachmeier

Bruce & Dianne Barnes (in memory of Betty Brunette)

Mary Benson

Bottom Line Results LLC

Kate Bottorff

Mary Brown

Mike Breland

Andrew & Barbara Clark

Caty Clifton (in memory of Creagh Hawes)

Reyburn & Doris Collis

Steve & Beth Condon

Crow’s Shadow Institute for the Arts

John & Barbara Dadoly

Terry Dallas & Doug DeBok

Mary Ann Davis

Susan Doyle & Roger Blair

Keith & Tara Fleshman

Valerie Fouquette

Paul & Carol Gadaire

Joe & Becky Gardner (in memory of Betty Brunette)

Merle & Monica Gehrke (in memory of Betty Brunette)

John & Hermine Gilson

Jill & Patrick Gregg

Donald & Carole Guenther

Keith Hansen

Dale & Mary Kay Hilding

Diane Hill

Hodgen Distributing

Shirley Hopper

Harriet Isom (in memory of Creagh Brennan Hawes)

Dwight & Marilyn Johnson

Cliff & Dotty Judy

Sandra Keyser

David & Karen King

Jim & Marlene Krout

Roberta Lavadour

Nick & Karen Licurse

Steve & Patricia Malcom (In memory of Betty Brunette)

Cheryl Marier

Ellsworth & Carolyn Mayer

John McCallum & Regina Braker

Pat McClintock

Craig McIntosh

Emily Muller-Cary

Rosemarie Murphey (In memory of Donald Murphey)

Nick Nash

G&S Nelson Trust (In memory of Betty Brunette)

Laurie Nelson & Glen Metzler (In memory of Betty Brunette)

Bob & Lisa-Marie Patterson

Pendleton Art & Frame, LLC

Sue Petersen

Stanley & Marjie Prowant

Lisa Robertson (in honor of Carolyn Frasier & Sharon Thompson)

Mary Lenn & Raymond Rees

Ronald & Rhonda Schultz

Ian Shadle & Bonnie Day

Martin Shank

Annette Skinner

Jim & Debbie Straughan

Elizabeth Sundgren

Terry & Bonnie Templeman

John & Gail Turner

Ellen Wardell

Cary L. Waqsem-Varela

Melonie Waters

Tim & Jennifer Weidert

Dale & Judy Wilkins

John & Katie Wilson