2014-2015 Offers the Following Supporter Options
Donor Classifications
Conductor's Circle*......$3000 or more
Concertmaster's Circle*.....$1500+
Principal's Circle*.....$500+
Player's Circle*.....$300+

     *Circle supporters may designate a specific program to which they would like their donation to go. These include concert sponsorship, chair sponsorship, Playing for Keeps (youth), and more.  For information on the benefits of sponsorship may be found by clicking on this link:  Sponsorship Benefits

The Sponsor Pledge Card to your right may be obtained on this link or from the the OES office by calling (541)276-0320.

In addition to dollar support, the OES often needs volunteers to assist with the numerous activities associated with the organization. This type of support is greatly appreciated. Please call the office if you wish to contribute your time and labor.